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Global Research

Our research services provides economic, markets and business related research for clients across the world.

Public Opinion Polling

We provide political polling, data analysis and strategies to enable clients strategise to win elections. We conduct public polling as well as internal polling for organisations and candidates

Data Analytics and Modelling

We provide our clients with financial modelling and forecasting expertise necessary to support investments and financial transactions. We help our clients leverage new technology, to create brilliant analytics solutions.

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Details Of Our Services Include

  • Primary Market Research
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Mystery Shopper Survey
  • Product Intelligence
  • Emerging Market Analysis and Strategy
  • Business and Economic Research
  • Opinion Research
  • Security and Risk Analysis and Research
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Financial Modelling and Training

Opinion Polls

  • Opinion polls is a scientific, nonbiased public opinion poll, is a type of survey or inquiry designed to measure the public's views regarding a particular topic or series of topics.
  • Trained interviewers ask questions of people chosen at random from the population being measured. Responses are given, and interpretations are made based on the results.

Importance of Polls

Public opinion polls now play an important role in politics. Polls are used throughout the course of election campaigns by candidates and by the media to see which candidates are ahead and who is likely to emerge victorious. The results of these polls, in turn, largely determine where future campaign monies are to be spent and where each candidate's efforts will be concentrated until the close of the campaign.
The Role of Opinion Polls

  1. Polls tell us what proportion of a population has a specific viewpoint. They do not explain why respondents believe as they do or how to change their minds. This is the work of social scientists and scholars.
  2. Polls are simply a measurement tool that tells us how a population thinks and feels about any given topic.
  3. This can be useful in helping different cultures understand one another because it gives the people a chance to speak for themselves instead of letting only vocal media stars speak on behalf of all.
  4. Opinion polling gives people who do not usually have access to the media an opportunity to be heard.

Why Trust us with your polling assignment

  • Global InfoAnalytics specializes in applying sophisticated methodologies to the real-world problems of companies, policy-makers and strategic decision-makers.
  • We use a sophisticated app to carry out polls, geo-track our interviewers and monitor survey results in real-time
  • With our support and expertise, our clients are able to:

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