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Corporate Surveys

Brand Tracking & Brand Health

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • At GIA we provide our clients with voice of the customer/ customer experience (Voc/CX) solutions through:

    •     Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing(CATI) Surveys
    •     Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) Surveys
    •     CAWI Online Surveys including through WhatsApp

  • Mystery Shopping
  • We offer a variety of mystery shopping solutions:

    •     On-site Mystery Shops
    •     Telephone Mystery Shops
    •     Web-Mystery Shopping
    •     Video Mystery Shopping

Employee Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey
60 Degree Appraisal for Managers

Political Opinion Poll

    Public Opinion Polling

    We provide political polling and data analysis to our clients, enabling them to:

    •         Plan campaign strategy
    •         Understand the key issues that matter to voters
    •         Have an unbiased assessment of their performance
    •         Strategize and increase their chances of winning elections.

Exit Polls

    Capability to carry out exit polls throughout the country using an easy to deploy App across the sampled polling stations utilizing a network of volunteers

Public Policy Survey

    Trustworthy research

    • We’re trusted to deliver impactful and robust research

    • We bring the views of the public to bear on major debates

    • Our research sparks conversations and brings the views of the public to bear on important topics

Through our public research we can help with the shaping of policies

Business Research and Modelling

    Business and Economic Research

    We perform business and economic research needed for::

    •         Market Development Research
    •         Market Penetration Research

Financial Modelling

    We provide our clients with financial modelling and forecasting expertise necessary to support investments and financial transactions.